10 Tips for Eco-friendly Cooking


Find Creative Uses for Leftovers

Everyone knows that leftover Thanksgiving turkey is great for soup, sandwiches and turketti, but smart cooks make the most of leftover meats all year long. Roasting a chicken for Sunday dinner? Save what’s left to make a pasta dish on Monday or toss it into a salad for Tuesday’s lunch. Grill a flank steak tonight and enjoy what’s left for weekend fajitas.

Planning ahead can simplify meal preparation on busy evenings, while helping to save the costs of going out to dinner or ordering takeout. Keep leftover bits of carrots, celery, onions and potatoes to make a tasty soup stock -- just add meat or noodles. Pasta dishes like lasagna and chicken casseroles are easy to make in large quantities and freeze in smaller portions to enjoy later.

Many cooks feed their kitchen scraps to a backyard compost pile. Once decomposed, the material makes a great fertilizer for your herb garden. Keep a bin in your kitchen to collect coffee grounds, banana peels, apple cores, eggshells and carrot tops while you’re cooking, then take them outdoors. You could also look into an odor-free, indoor system.