10 Tips for Eco-friendly Cooking


Eat More Fresh Food

Here’s one more reason to eat healthier: It’s eco-friendly. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, if every American had just one meat-free meal per week, the carbon dioxide reduction would be equal to removing more than 5 million cars from the road.

Choosing an organic apple over a bag of chips is a smart nutritional choice and conserves all that energy used in processing, packaging and delivering the bag, then disposing and recycling the waste left behind. While it might be easier to buy microwave popcorn, bottled lemonade or baby carrots, you’ll save money by making your own. Just buy regular carrots and cut them into bite-sized pieces, for example.

Another way to eat healthier is to grow your own food -- especially vegetables and herbs. Whether you plant a garden in the backyard or plant herbs in pots on the deck, there’s nothing like bringing a red pepper or pinch of basil that you’ve grown to your table. If a backyard garden isn’t possible, find a community garden in your area. Many local parks now offer these small garden plots to gardeners who work together to tend their crops.