Top 5 Innovations in the Electric Power Industry
wind power, solar cell, alternative energy

How much do you know about the advances in the electric power industry?


Would you buy a home without functioning power outlets? We've come to depend on electric power for many of our day-to-day activities. When there are outages, we feel the impact of that dependency, followed by a sense of relief when the power's back on again.

Electricity has helped us stay healthier, work more efficiently and live life around the clock. Because electricity has had such a positive influence on our lives, science and industry researchers are constantly finding ways to provide electric power more easily and inexpensively. As a result, innovations in electric power have made the industry cleaner and more efficient throughout its history, and made electric service available to millions of homes.

This article includes our top five picks from those innovations. We'll look at technology targeted to certain energy resources, and we'll check out the core components that give you access to those resources. To kick things off, let's look a current innovation for a long-used renewable resource.