5 Energy Choices for a Sustainable Future

Small choices we make today will have a significant impact on our future. Learn more! Check out this cool green science pictures.

It’s a scary thought that the things we do today might hurt our children’s and grandchildren’s generations. Although it’s difficult to predict the reverberations of our actions, there's a growing concern that we've become too dependent on natural resources and that we're depleting them at the expense of future generations. Aside from global and national decisions about what can be done to prevent a possible energy crisis, many people are seeking ways to do their part to provide a sustainable future.

Sustainability refers to the idea of providing for the needs of today while ensuring enough resources for the future. The conventional wisdom is that we need to reduce our energy consumption -- especially the energy we needlessly waste -- in order to properly conserve much needed energy for the future. Even if you’re not concerned about future generations, however, consider that most personal choices in reducing energy consumption come with the added benefit of saving money.

Some of the most important sustainable choices are obvious and even easy -- it isn’t terribly inconvenient to flip a light switch off before you leave a room, for instance. Others we’ll discuss aren't so obvious -- such as paper versus plastic, or direct flights versus connecting flights.