Introduction to Top 5 George Westinghouse Inventions

A postcard, circa 1941, advertising modern store displays for the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.

Lake County Museum/Getty Images

If you've ever lived in Pittsburgh, you've probably heard of George Westinghouse. Pittsburgh is home to the George Westinghouse Bridge, Westinghouse Park and - a memorial to George Westinghouse in Schenley Park. Even if you don't live in Pittsburgh, maybe you've heard of Westinghouse, the company that bears the man's name. The Westinghouse company name adorns products from TVs to light bulbs to nuclear power plants -- even a Brooklyn, N.Y. high school. The company also used to own television and radio stations.

With such a broad reach, the Westinghouse name has become an important, if often unseen, part of the fabric of American life. (To name one example, the ultra-prestigious Intel Science Talent Search was named after him from its inception in 1942 until 1998.) What's really cool about the giant company Westinghouse became, however, is that it all started with the one man who gave the company its name.

George Westinghouse was an inventor and engineer who held more than 300 patents over the course of his life. He both created new technologies and refined existing ones. He helped make Pittsburgh one of America's industrial centers. He even beat out Thomas Edison in the race to build the nation's electrical infrastructure.

Keep reading to learn more about George Westinghouse through his top five inventions.