Fruits are the seed-bearing parts of plants. Fruits are often fleshy, edible substances containing juices and nutrients beneficial to humans and animals. However, many fruits are commonly mistaken as vegetables.


Strawberry, the name of a plant and of the edible fruit it bears. The fragrant fruit, red when ripe, is popular for its delicious flavor in fresh, frozen, canned, and preserved forms.

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  • Peach


    Peach, a juicy, reddish-yellow fruit with a tangy sweet flavor. It grows on a tree, 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 m) tall, that has shiny green, lance-shaped leaves. See more »

  • Pear


    Pear, a bell-shaped or globular fruit that grows on a leaf-shedding tree. The pear tree grows about 45 feet (14 m) tall. See more »

  • Persimmon


    Persimmon, a tree of temperate or subtropical regions, and its sweet but astringent fruit. See more »

  • Pineapple


    Pineapple, a tropical plant and its edible fruit. It is so called because the fruit looks like a big, orange-yellow pine cone. See more »

  • Plant


    Plant, any member of the plant kingdom, a realm of nature made up largely of living organisms that make their own food. See more »

  • Pomegranate


    Pomegranate, a shrub or small tree, and its edible fruit. The pomegranate is native to Asia. See more »

  • Raspberry


    Raspberry, a spiny shrub that is widely grown for its flavorful fruits. The many cultivated varieties yield red, black, purple, and yellow fruits. See more »

  • Tangerine


    Tangerine, or Mandarin, the name of an edible citrus fruit and of the evergreen tree that bears it. See more »

  • Watermelon


    Watermelon, a plant that grows as a vine on the surface of the ground, producing an edible fruit. See more »

  • Banana


    Banana, a fruit that is economically important; also the plant that bears it. About 35 species and more than 100 varieties, most of which are edible, grow in tropical regions worldwide. See more »

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