Legumes produce their fruit as a pod and generally possess nitrogen-fixing bacteria in nodules on their roots. Because of those bacteria, legumes increase soil's nitrogen content. Some examples of legumes are soybeans, peas and alfalfa.


Broom, one of a group of ornamental shrubs of the pea family. Brooms have dense clusters of yellow flowers and produce small, flat pods containing the fruit.

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  • Legume


    Leguminous Plants, or Legumes, or Pulses, plants that bear fruits in the form of a pod that splits along two seams, to one of which the seeds are attached. See more »

  • Locoweed


    Locoweed, the common name of a number of different plants that poison sheep, cattle, and horses on the Great Plains. See more »

  • Locust


    Locust, the common name for a number of trees and shrubs related to the carob. The black locust of the southern Appalachians is widely grown as an ornamental in the eastern United States and Europe. See more »

  • Logwood


    Logwood, a thorny tree of Mexico and Central America. It grows 20 to 45 feet (6 to 14 m) high and has crooked, thorny branches. See more »

  • Lupine


    Lupine, a group of annual and perennial plants that grow chiefly on the Great Plains of North America. See more »

  • Mesquite


    Mesquite, any of several species of thorny trees and shrubs. Mesquites grow from the southwestern United States to Argentina and Chile. See more »

  • Pea


    Pea, a leguminous plant with small, round, edible seeds. The seeds, called peas, are borne in crescent-shaped pods, which also may be edible. See more »

  • Poinciana


    Poinciana, a flowering tree or shrub of warm regions. It has many feathery leaflets and showy, five-petaled blossoms with protruding red stamens. See more »

  • Redbud


    Redbud, or Judas Tree, a beautiful flowering tree that is said to blush because Judas chose it as the tree on which to hang himself. See more »

  • Rosewood


    Rosewood, the wood obtained from a tree native to Brazil and from related trees in Central America, India, and Africa. See more »

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