Unattended Campfires

The campfire smell that clings to clothes can be a delicious  aroma. But if that same campfire causes a wildfire -- it probably just ends up smelling like shame.


Last, but by no means least, are campfires. Wonderful givers of warmth, light, s'mores and lots more, campfires can also cause wildfires if proper care isn't taken to keep them under control.

Just like with a debris fire, it's important to find a safe location for a campfire that's distanced from nearby ignitable objects and protected from sudden gusts of wind. Campfires should always be built in rock-ringed fire pits that are stocked with a bucket of water and a shovel.

And while it might feel satisfying to establish a roaring bonfire, that's a bad idea; campfires should be kept small and manageable at all times. On a similar note, when it's time to tuck in, the fire must be extinguished completely -- and that includes pouring lots of water on all the ashes and embers until the hissing and steaming fully stops, then using the shovel to stir everything around and separate out any bits that are not burnt. Keep it up until you're absolutely certain every last little spark is out.

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