How Black Boxes Work

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Do drone pilots train on video games?

Do drone pilots train on video games?

Drone pilots have to learn to fly drones somehow. Find out if drone pilots train using video games at HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note: How Black Boxes Work

I have a recurring nightmare about zooming through the skies in a doomed jet. Each time, the plane leaves the runway during takeoff and then violently accelerates straight up into the sky. I never get to the end of the dream. Perhaps that's a good thing. Happily, aircraft malfunctions are exceedingly rare – statistically speaking, your car is a whole lot more dangerous. But when planes do fall from the sky, it's a relief to have some idea why...otherwise, engineers and family members would be left agonizing, wondering why innocent people died in such an awful manner. I hope I'm never part of an accident scene where a black box is necessary. Unless, of course, it's just in my dreams. - NC

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