5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Water Conservation

Water may seem like an infinite resource, but it's drying up at an alarming rate. See more green science pictures.

When it's raining out, all that wet stuff can look pretty plentiful. Because water seems to be falling free from the skies, taking a few extra minutes to watch a sparkling rivulet of water splash and swirl down the drain may not seem like a major transgression to your precocious son or daughter. The facts are in, and regardless of how the skies may look during a downpour, clean, abundant water is becoming an increasingly rare, valuable and expensive commodity in the U.S. States are fighting over water rights, and many aging water utilities are being tasked with providing expanded services while attempting to operate their facilities with outdated equipment.

Teaching children good water management can be a challenge, no doubt, but it's an important lesson. On the next few pages, let's explore some dynamic and fun ways you can help teach your children that a drop of water is a terrible thing to waste.