Can we replant the planet's rainforests?

Rainforests: Author's Note

Jessika Toothman, Staff Writer
Jessika Toothman, Staff Writer
HowStuffWorks 2009

This was one of the many articles I have been called upon to write where my understanding of the issue underwent interesting twists during the course of my research. That's because I came to realize there was a related, yet larger issue at hand. While we can, to some extent, replant rainforests, we desperately need to stop cutting down the rainforests that still remain. Then, through replanting initiatives, we need to reconnect what's left like pearls on a treasured necklace. Rainforests contain a gift beyond measure -- biodiversity -- and squandering that for the sake of unsustainable activities like mining and agriculture is dangerously shortsighted. Now of course, I know there are many other factors and stakeholders involved that make such a course of action challenging, but after reading about what the rainforests of the world have done for us in terms of modern medicine alone, well, it's my opinion that we need to make saving, then replenishing them, the order of priority.


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