5 Energy Choices for a Sustainable Future


Much of the energy we consume is in the form of transportation. So, some of our most effective energy-saving decisions have to do with how we get from place to place. Choosing a car with good mileage is just one factor. Carpooling rather than driving alone is one good choice, and it allows you to split gas money with others. Taking advantage of the public transportation in your area is one of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption. And, of course, simply avoid driving when you can; instead, walk or bike (and get some healthy exercise in the process).

When you have to fly, you might be faced with the decision of whether to book a nonstop flight or connecting flights to get to your destination. Because takeoff and landing take up so much of the fuel in a flight, a direct flight uses less energy. However, the answer isn’t actually so simple. You’ve probably noticed that getting connecting flights is often cheaper. Why would an airline charge you less to use more of their fuel? It’s because they use a hub-and-spoke system to fill as many seats as possible on their flights: A full plane is more fuel-efficient per passenger than a partly empty plane.

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