10 Tips for Eco-friendly Cooking


Cook with Natural Gas

Gourmet chefs have long preferred a natural gas range for sautéing vegetables and simmering sauces because of the ease and precision it provides. Turns out, gas cooktops are also a green choice.

Natural gas stoves are eco-friendly and energy efficient because the fuel is directly used for cooking. For electric cooktops, electricity must be generated from another source of fuel, like coal or gas.

Many professional cooks prefer using gas because of the immediate response and control that the flame offers. There’s no need to wait for the burner to heat up or cool down, and energy usage stops as soon as you turn off the burner. With pilotless ignition systems, gas is being consumed only when it is turned on, lowering energy usage -- and costs -- by about one-third.

Natural gas cooktops and ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners and low simmer temperatures. And you can still cook if the electricity goes out.