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Jonathan Strickland has always loved technology. As a kid, Jonathan spent countless hours playing games like River Raid and Pitfall on his Atari 2600. He grew up during the early years of the personal computer era and cut his teeth on an Apple IIe and the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computers. He earned his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Georgia. He focused primarily on medieval and Renaissance literature and can still rattle off several Shakespearean monologues (and he’ll do so unless you stop him).

Jonathan started at HowStuffWorks as a staff writer but quickly transitioned into his role as senior writer for the electronics and computer channels. He also hosts the podcast TechStuff, narrates the podcast The Stuff of Genius and contributes to the Stuff From the Future show. He lives in a funky part of Atlanta filled with poets, artists, actors and assorted crazy people -- he fits right in. His hobbies include writing fiction, acting and learning to play the ukulele and mandolin.

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