How to Get a Job in the Army Corps of Engineers

Types of Jobs in the Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers uses a wide variety of professionals, from accountants to lawyers and carpenters to archaeologists. In fact, a review of the USAJOBS Web site shows around 120 different job titles.

A sample of the engineering-specific jobs as listed by USACE includes civil, mechanical, environmental, chemical, structural, project and electrical engineers; engineering technicians; construction control reps; architects; survey technicians; realty specialists; lock and dam operators; and contract specialists.

If you're not into manual labor, there are plenty of desk jobs, but one aspect of working with USACE that appeals to many is the ability to work outdoors. In a recruiting video on the Web site, various employees talk about why they love their jobs. Some of those reasons include the following:

  • Working outdoors in the fresh air, surrounded by nature
  • Driving a boat to patrol water, or bicycling to patrol a park
  • Teaching kids how to be environmentally responsible, or teaching them fun skills such as building bluebird boxes
  • Having a different mission every day
  • Spelunking and rock climbing
  • Working with our natural resources
  • Hiking or creating and maintaining trails
  • Cleaning up debris and helping people after a disaster
  • Keeping power generators going
  • Maintaining river elevations for barges to get through

With benefits that often combine work with play, it's no wonder that civilians and enlisted workers alike report being happy in their work. Next, we'll look at a few tips for getting a job with USACE.

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