5 Groups Who Claim to Talk to the Dead

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Is Scattering Someone's Ashes Technically Considered Littering?

Is Scattering Someone's Ashes Technically Considered Littering?

The rules regarding placement of human remains are tricky. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks article.

Author's Note: 5 Groups Who Claim to Talk to the Dead

I have a healthy skepticism about mediums. I've seen a few, and frankly was unimpressed. I personally think most prey on the emotions of others who long to hear from someone who was taken away from them. Yet, if I could use Edison's spirit phone to talk to somebody, who would it be? I always wanted to interview Abe Lincoln or John Kennedy. If given a chance, I'd rather talk to my two dogs Sophie and McBeal again, if just to say keep your noses out of cats' litter boxes.

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