How Ghost Busters Work

A young lady playing the violin, with a ghost playing the harp behind her.
Who you gonna call? Ralf Nau / Getty Images




­From the moment you read the title of this article, ­you prob­ably had the song going through your head: "There's something weird, and it don't look good. Who you gonna call?..." Many of us are familiar with the Hollywood version of ghost busting, made famous in the 1984 hit movie "Ghostbusters." But there are people for whom hunting ghosts is no laughing matter.

What are real-life ghost busters like? Do they hunt down ghosts and vanquish them? Do they shoot proton beams, drive a customized ambulance or come home after a hard day's work coated in green goo?

In this article, we'll meet some actual ghost hunters, find out what they do and see what tools they use in the course of their work.