10 Fake Scarcities

Disney Movies
Wonder many of these Disney characters have had movies stored in the "vault." Fortunately for kids and unfortunately for their parents, the expensive stuffed toys are available all the time. © Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis

Pay no attention to the mouse behind the curtain. He is simply working the hype machine.

"Masters of trademark and copyright, Disney knows something about locking up content—especially its own," the Wall Street Journal explains. The company regularly removes a handful of its movie titles from the shelves, placing them in the so-called "vault," where they will supposedly stay locked up and unavailable for purchase for an undisclosed period of time. Not before the company gives fans one last chance to snag these selections, of course. Disney generates demand for these flicks with a cloud of uncertainty as to when and if a specific title will be back on the market [source: Felten].

Turns out the Disney "vault" is as mythical as Alice's Wonderland. Shoppers at the company's online store can find "Fantasia"-themed shirts, hats, cups and ornaments, but not the movie itself. But head on over to Amazon and other third-party retailers, and you can easily find this and other vault titles for sale[source: Felten].

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