How Tarot Cards Work

Becoming a Tarot Card Reader

Tarot card reading Tarot card reading
A guest has her cards read at a Sundance party in 2007. Tarot readers who are interested in becoming certified can, but it's a voluntary exercise. Thos Robinson/Getty Images For LuxeLife

To learn the art of Tarot card reading, you can read books, take courses and even become certified. Courses are taught online and in classes through Tarot organizations and through independent Tarot teachers. Various organizations have offered certifications over the years, including The Tarot Guild. As Tarot isn't regulated, any certification readers elect to do is entirely voluntary. Typically to achieve these certifications, you must have varying levels of experience as well as pass standardized tests. Some of the certification levels may be as follows:

  • Certified Tarot Reader (CTR)
  • Certified Tarot Professional (CTP)
  • Certified Tarot Master (CTM)
  • Certified Tarot Grand Master (CTGM)

Other countries also have their own Tarot-certifying organizations.

Not sure that you want to go the certification route? You can always teach yourself Tarot: