The RB-47 UFO Encounter

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What could be the official explanation of these strange nocturnal lights?
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Key Takeaways

  • The RB-47 UFO encounter involved a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance aircraft encountering an unidentified flying object in 1957.
  • The incident sparked intrigue and debate within the UFO community, with some suggesting it as evidence of extraterrestrial visitation.
  • However, the encounter remains officially unresolved, with explanations ranging from misidentification to potential classified military activities.

Possessing the most sophisticated electronic intelligence (ELINT) gear available to the U.S. Air Force, the RB-47 could handle anything.

Unfortunately, in the morning hours of July 17, 1957, over the southern United States, an RB-47 came across something it was unprepared for.


In the first hint of what was to come, one of the three officers who operate the electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment detected an odd signal. Moving up the radar screen, the blip passed some distance in front of the RB-47, then over Mississippi. Though puzzled, he sai­d nothing. However, a few minutes later, at 4:10 A.M., the sudden appearance of an intense blue light bearing down on the aircraft shook the pilot and copilot. Even more unnerving, the object changed course in the blink of an eye and disappeared at the two o'clock position. The aircraft radar picked up a strong signal in the same spot. The UFO maintained this position even as the RB-47 continued toward east Texas.

The pilot then observed a "huge" light, attached, he suspected, to an even bigger something that the darkness obscured. When the electronics gear noted the presence of another UFO in the same general location as the first, the pilot turned the plane and accelerated toward it. The UFO shot away. By now the crew had alerted the Duncanville, Texas, Air Force ground radar station, and it was soon tracking the one UFO that remained (the second had disappeared after a brief time). At 4:50 radar showed the UFO abruptly stopping as the RB-47 passed under it. Barely seconds later it was gone.

This incredible case -- considered one of the most significant UFO reports ever -- remained classified for years. When it became known years later, the Air Force declared that the RB-47 crew had tracked an airliner. Physicist Gordon David Thayer, who investigated the incident for the University of Colorado UFO Project, called this explanation "literally ridiculous."­


Frequently Asked Questions

Have there been any recent developments or investigations regarding the RB-47 UFO encounter?
While the RB-47 UFO encounter remains a historical mystery, ongoing interest in unidentified aerial phenomena has led to continued investigations by researchers and organizations seeking to uncover new information or perspectives on the incident.
What were the reactions or responses from government and military officials following the RB-47 UFO encounter?
Following the RB-47 UFO encounter, government and military officials conducted investigations and issued statements, but official explanations varied, leaving the incident open to interpretation and speculation within the UFO community and beyond.