How Airline Freight Works

By: Karim Nice  | 

Super Transporters

The Airbus A300-600ST Super Transporter (otherwise known as the Beluga)
Photo courtesy Airbus Transport International

This is a class of plane designed purely for moving huge stuff. If you need to transport a helicopter or even a plane, you need a Super Transporter.

This plane includes a huge cargo area located above the cockpit, allowing freight to fill almost the full length of the plane. The giant door on the front of the cargo hold opens wide enough to get completely out of the way — if an object will fit in the plane, it will fit through the door.


Loading the Beluga
Photo courtesy Airbus Transport International

This plane can haul about 47 tons of cargo. That's a lot, but not enough to transport, say, a military tank. A tank can weigh 65 tons or more. For that, you need an even bigger transport plane.