Chemists have changed the way that science looks at the world. By breaking substances down to the atomic level, chemists have greatly expanded our knowledge of the world. Click here to find articles about the greatest chemists in history.

Louis Pasteur

Pasteur, Louis (1822-1895), a French chemist, made major contributions to chemistry, medicine, and industry that greatly benefited humanity.

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  • Odd Hassel

    Odd Hassel

    Hassel, Odd (1897-1981), a Norwegian chemist, won the 1969 Nobel Prize in chemistry for studies relating chemical reactions with the three-dimensional shape of molecules. See more »

  • Otto Diels

    Otto Diels

    Diels, Otto (1876-1954) was a German organic chemist. He shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1950 with a student. See more »

  • Otto Wallach

    Otto Wallach

    Wallach, Otto (1847-1931) was a German chemist who won the 1910 Nobel Prize in chemistry for determining the nature of the complex mixtures found in the ethereal, or essential, oils of plants. See more »

  • Paul Delos Boyer

    Paul Delos Boyer

    Boyer, Paul Delos (1918-), an American biochemist, discovered the mechanism that produces energy in living cells. See more »

  • Paul Hermann Muller

    Paul Hermann Muller

    Müller, Paul Hermann (1899-1965), a Swiss chemist, won the 1948 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for his discovery that dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT) could be used as an insecticide. See more »

  • Paul John Flory

    Paul John Flory

    Flory, Paul John (1910-1985), an American physical chemist, was awarded the 1974 Nobel Prize in chemistry. See more »

  • Paul Josef Crutzen

    Paul Josef Crutzen

    Crutzen, Paul Josef (1933-) is a Dutch chemist who has been a pioneer in the research of the depletion of the ozone layer. See more »

  • Paul Karrer

    Paul Karrer

    Karrer, Paul (1889-1971) was a Russian-born Swiss chemist acclaimed for his research on plant pigments and the chemical makeup of vitamins. See more »

  • Paul Sabatier

    Paul Sabatier

    Sabatier, Paul (1854-1941) was a French organic chemist. He won the 1912 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his method of using nickel as a hydrogenation catalyst. See more »

  • Peter Dennis Mitchell

    Peter Dennis Mitchell

    Mitchell, Peter Dennis (1920-1992) was a British chemist who won the 1978 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his theory of chemiosmosis. See more »

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