Chemists have changed the way that science looks at the world. By breaking substances down to the atomic level, chemists have greatly expanded our knowledge of the world. Click here to find articles about the greatest chemists in history.


Arthur Harden

Harden, Arthur (1865-1940) was a British chemist. He shared the 1929 Nobel Prize in chemistry with the German chemist Hans Karl August Simon von Euler-Chelpin for their research on sugar fermentation and enzymes.

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  • Peter Joseph William Debye
    Peter Joseph William Debye

    Debye, Peter Joseph William (1884-1966) was a Dutch-born American physical chemist who was awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on dipole moments and molecular structure. See more »

  • Pierre Lecomte Du Nuoy
    Pierre Lecomte Du Nuoy

    Du Nouy, Pierre Lecomte (1883-1947), a French scientist. He was noted for his research on the chemistry of living things. See more »

  • Reginald Patrick Linstead
    Reginald Patrick Linstead

    Linstead, Reginald Patrick (1902-1966), a British chemist, made important studies of organic chemicals and synthetic dyes. See more »

  • Richard Errett Smalley
    Richard Errett Smalley

    Smalley, Richard Errett (1943-) was an American physical chemist who did groundbreaking research into fullerenes, large carbon molecules having a “closed cage” shape and a hollow interior. See more »

  • Richard Kuhn
    Richard Kuhn

    Kuhn, Richard (1900-1967) was an Austrian-born German chemist whose work was primarily the investigation of carotenoids and vitamin synthesis. See more »

  • Richard Martin Willstatter
    Richard Martin Willstatter

    Willstätter, Richard Martin (1872-1942) was a German chemist who pioneered in the field of plant chemistry with his research into the structure of pigments in plants. See more »

  • Richard Robert Ernst
    Richard Robert Ernst

    Ernst, Richard Robert (1933 -) is a Swiss physical chemist who won the 1991 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his development of the methodology of high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. See more »

  • Richard Zsigmondy
    Richard Zsigmondy

    Zsigmondy, Richard (1865-1929) was an Austrian chemist who did important research in colloidal chemistry. See more »

  • Roald Hoffmann
    Roald Hoffmann

    Hoffmann, Roald (1937 -) is a Polish-born American chemist. He won the 1981 Nobel Prize in chemistry for applying the theories of quantum mechanics from the field of physics to explain chemical reactions and chemical compounds. See more »

  • Robert Burns Woodward
    Robert Burns Woodward

    Woodward, Robert Burns (1917-1979) was an American chemist who won the 1965 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work in synthetic organic chemistry. See more »

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