Geologists are important to the advancement of geology. These scientists study the makeup of the Earth and its geologic processes. Here you can learn about geologists.

Alexander Logie Du Toit

Du Toit, Alexander Logie (1878-1948) was a South African geologist who helped form one of the foundations for the synthesis of continental drift theory and plate tectonics.

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  • Li Siguang

    Li Siguang

    Li Siguang (1889-1971), one of China's most famous geologists, founded a branch of geology called geomechanics, which deals with the stresses and strains on the earth's crust. See more »

  • Lyell, Sir Charles

    Lyell, Sir Charles

    Lyell, Sir Charles (1797-1875), a British geologist. In Principles of Geology (3 volumes, 1830-33), Lyell conclusively demonstrated that the earth was very old and that its form had changed slowly, mainly from conditions such as erosion rather than great natural disasters. See more »

  • Mawson, Sir Douglas

    Mawson, Sir Douglas

    Mawson, Sir Douglas (1882-1958), an Australian explorer of the Antarctic. He was born in England and was taken to Australia as a child. See more »

  • Nicolaus Steno

    Nicolaus Steno

    Steno, Nicolaus (1638-1686) was a Danish anatomist and geologist whose work provided a deeper understanding of anatomy, geology, paleontology, and crystallography. See more »

  • Orton (family)

    Orton (family)

    Orton, the name of two United States scientists, father and son. See more »

  • Paul C. Sereno

    Paul C. Sereno

    Sereno, Paul C. (1957-) is an American paleontologist who made a number of major dinosaur discoveries. See more »

  • Richter, Charles Francis

    Richter, Charles Francis

    Richter, Charles Francis (1900-1985), a United States scientist. With Beno Gutenberg, he devised a magnitude scale that has been widely used to report the strength of earthquake shocks. See more »

  • Robert T. Bakker

    Robert T. Bakker

    Bakker, Robert T. (1945-) is a paleontologist who published the theory that dinosaurs were warmblooded. See more »

  • Sylvia Alice Earle

    Sylvia Alice Earle

    Earle, Sylvia Alice (1935-) is an American oceanographer and environmentalist. In 1979, she was the first person to dive solo to 1,250 feet (381 meters) beneath the surface without being connected to a support vessel. See more »

  • Wegener, Alfred Lothar

    Wegener, Alfred Lothar

    Wegener, Alfred Lothar (1880-1930), a German explorer and meteorologist. He led expeditions to Greenland (1906-08, 1912-17, and 1929-30), and studied the thermodynamics (mechanics of heat) of the atmosphere. See more »

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