Geologists are important to the advancement of geology. These scientists study the makeup of the Earth and its geologic processes. Here you can learn about geologists.

Agricola, Georgius

Agricola, , Georgius (1490-1555), a German physician and scientist, called the father of mineralogy.

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  • Le Conte, Joseph

    Le Conte, Joseph

    Le Conte, Joseph (1823-1901). a United States geologist. Le Conte was born in Liberty County, Georgia. See more »

  • Li Siguang

    Li Siguang

    Li Siguang (1889-1971), one of China's most famous geologists, founded a branch of geology called geomechanics, which deals with the stresses and strains on the earth's crust. See more »

  • Lyell, Sir Charles

    Lyell, Sir Charles

    Lyell, Sir Charles (1797-1875), a British geologist. In Principles of Geology (3 volumes, 1830-33), Lyell conclusively demonstrated that the earth was very old and that its form had changed slowly, mainly from conditions such as erosion rather than great natural disasters. See more »

  • Mawson, Sir Douglas

    Mawson, Sir Douglas

    Mawson, Sir Douglas (1882-1958), an Australian explorer of the Antarctic. He was born in England and was taken to Australia as a child. See more »

  • Nicolaus Steno

    Nicolaus Steno

    Steno, Nicolaus (1638-1686) was a Danish anatomist and geologist whose work provided a deeper understanding of anatomy, geology, paleontology, and crystallography. See more »

  • Paul C. Sereno

    Paul C. Sereno

    Sereno, Paul C. (1957-) is an American paleontologist who made a number of major dinosaur discoveries. See more »

  • Richter, Charles Francis

    Richter, Charles Francis

    Richter, Charles Francis (1900-1985), a United States scientist. With Beno Gutenberg, he devised a magnitude scale that has been widely used to report the strength of earthquake shocks. See more »

  • Robert T. Bakker

    Robert T. Bakker

    Bakker, Robert T. (1945-) is a paleontologist who published the theory that dinosaurs were warmblooded. See more »

  • Sylvia Alice Earle

    Sylvia Alice Earle

    Earle, Sylvia Alice (1935-) is an American oceanographer and environmentalist. In 1979, she was the first person to dive solo to 1,250 feet (381 meters) beneath the surface without being connected to a support vessel. See more »

  • Wegener, Alfred Lothar

    Wegener, Alfred Lothar

    Wegener, Alfred Lothar (1880-1930), a German explorer and meteorologist. He led expeditions to Greenland (1906-08, 1912-17, and 1929-30), and studied the thermodynamics (mechanics of heat) of the atmosphere. See more »

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