Texas Has the Most Installed Wind Capacity of Any State
Texas flag in the foreground, wind turbines in the background

Maybe they should call it the "Wind Star State." Texas leads the way in wind power installations in the U.S.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the wind. And the Lone Star State is leading the way in wind power with more than 40 different projects [source: Weber]. In 2008, the total capacity was 7,907MW, a significant margin over the next closest state, Iowa, which came in at 2,883MW. In fact, Texas wind installations account for one-third of the entire installed wind capacity for the United States [source: Roney].

Part of Texas' success is geography. The wide-open Texas Panhandle holds spectacular potential for harvesting wind energy; its featureless terrain and high elevation mean that wind can blow unencumbered across the plains. This, coupled with state legislation that includes financial incentives for companies involved with wind projects to boost interest in development, has positioned Texas at the forefront of the wind boom.