10 Heaviest Objects Mankind Has Ever Moved

A Natural Gas Drilling Platform

Until we start lassoing asteroids for their minerals, it's a safe bet that the record for the most unfathomably gigantic object ever moved by human beings will be held by the Troll A Platform. The Troll A, an offshore natural gas drilling platform off the west coast of Norway, weighs an astonishing 1.2 million tons (1.1 million metric tons) and stands 1,548 feet (471.8 meters) tall, which makes it both the heaviest and the tallest thing that people have transported from one spot to another [sources: Statoil].

Getting the platform to its location 174 miles (280 kilometers) from the Norwegian coast required the services of 10 tugboats -- eight spread out in front pulling the platform, and another two behind it to steer. The unwieldy armada was able to travel at just one knot per hour, so that it took seven days and six hours to get to the destination. Once there, the tugs moved into a star formation around the platform to support it as it was ballasted to stabilize it, and piles were driven 118 feet (36 meters) into the sea bed to hold the platform in place [source: Potter].

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