10 Heaviest Objects Mankind Has Ever Moved

An Evaporator

If you thought that turbine engine in Texas was big, get a load of this load, which also is the subject of a celebratory YouTube video. In January 2012, Al-Majdouie, which describes itself as a project logistics and supply chain company -- a fancy way of saying it moves stuff -- transported a giant device called an evaporator down a road to a water desalination plant being built in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, the company's press release doesn't detail the distance that the machinery traveled, but it does tell us that it was pretty darned huge -- the length of a football field and 4,891 tons (4,437 metric tons) in weight -- which makes it slightly bigger than the Hotel Montgomery.

To move the evaporator, Al-Majdouie used a tractor-trailer truck with 172 axles and 688 double-width tires. The company boasts that the cargo is the biggest ever moved by road in the Middle East, and that probably holds true for the world as well. And they're planning to move a bunch more of them in the near future [source: Almajdouie].