Top 5 Energy-efficient Computers


Toshiba Portege R600

The Toshiba Portégé laptop line has earned Energy Star 4.0 compliancy and EPEAT's gold rating -- not only did it receive EPEAT's highest rating, the Portégé R600 ranks No. 1 in the gold category. Additionally, Greenpeace named the Portégé R600 the greenest laptop computer in 2009 in its second annual "Green Electronics: The Search Continues" survey.

Toshiba rates its products against an idea it calls Factor T, a mathematical formula the company created to assess a computer's consumer value against its environmental impact over its expected lifetime. High consumer value and low environmental impact equal the biggest energy efficiency.

Toshiba itself has set a company goal to double its environmental efficiency by 2010. Toshiba uses components with low-power consumption technology. Component and part suppliers that want to work with Toshiba must comply with a 22-point environmental performance survey before collaborating with the company.

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