Top 5 Green Robots


1: Robot Ships That Battle Global Warming

Sure, robot octopi may one day comb the ocean floor for signs of global warming, but then what? What robots will save us if we need to turn down the planetary thermostat a few degrees to avoid environmental catastrophe? Well, lucky for us, professors John Latham and Stephen Salter have thought up a solution. How does a fleet of about a thousand robotic, cloud seeding ships sound?

The idea behind this geoengineering (or planet hacking) scheme is that by reflecting a mere 3 percent more solar radiation, we could counter a great deal of the global warming brought on by increased carbon dioxide production [source: Latham]. To get that added reflectivity, you could blast giant mirrors into orbit, paint more roofs white or create more cloud cover, which serves as a natural solar radiation reflector.

Latham and Salter's plan calls for these automated vessels to constantly blast seawater up into the air to form low-level cloud cover. What's the downside? Well, scientists are unsure what impact such atmospheric tinkering could have on the planet's weather patterns -- to say nothing of the costs involved. Still, you can't doubt the green agenda of robots designed to protect melting polar icecaps.

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