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What are dreams really made of? Are humans the smartest animal? What causes schizophrenia? Travel inside the mind and find out how the human brain works.

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How Alien Hand Syndrome Works

Alien hand syndrome sounds like something from a B-grade horror movie, but it's a real condition. You could be completely at the mercy of your own renegade hand -- it could keep your other hand from functioning, punch you or even choke you.

How Addiction Works

Addictions to substances such as drugs and alcohol have ruined the lives of people all over the world. Read about current views and ideas on addiction.

How can doctors use virtual reality to treat phobias?

Nothing beats watching a blockbuster on the big screen, but today's home theater systems do an impressive job bringing that experience into your home. In this article, we'll explain how the components of a home theater system re-create the sounds and

How Synesthesia Works

Kanye West says he says sees music in color. Other people can hear words that make them taste a particular flavor, or they actually feel another person's pain. Welcome to the world of the synesthete. It's a stimulating one.

Does anger lead to better decision making?

How should we feel about anger? Check out the results of a new study about how anger impacts decision making and analytical thinking.

How can someone stay awake for 11 days?

A man in Cornwall, England, went 11 consecutive days without a wink of sleep. Find out how he did it, why he did it and why you shouldn't give it a try.

How Human Memory Works

The more you know about your memory, the better you'll understand how you can improve it. Get details on how your memory works and how aging affects your ability to remember.

What is collective hysteria?

In 2006, a mysterious illness began to affect girls at a Roman Catholic boarding school in Chalco, Mexico: collective hysteria. Learn about this psychological disorder and find out why it occurs.

Can I take a drug to wipe out one particular memory?

Researchers at New York University's LeDoux Laboratory have successfully deleted a single, targeted fear memory using drug therapy in rats. Their results show that the removal of one memory from a rat's brain did not affect other memories there.

Is science phasing out sleep?

Human beings have always found ways to ward off the effects of sleep deprivation. The newest wake-up pill has all of the benefits of caffeine and amphetamines with none of the down sides.

Are people in police custody dying of excited delirium?

Medical examiners are attributing an increasing number of deaths while in police custody to a syndrome called excited delirium. The problem is, there's no proof this syndrome exists.

Can face blindness explain why that person at work never says hi to me?

People with face blindness" can see facial features just fine; if they were looking at a face they could describe to you what it looks like. But they cannot retain a memory of it. In severe cases people don't even recognize their own face when they look in the mirror. Learn what face blindness is all about.

Is my brain making me buy things I don't need?

Could your impulse buying really not be your fault? New research is looking at how the physiology of our brains affects our financial life.

Are left-handers quicker thinkers than righties?

Scientific studies are showing that lefties are quicker and more adroit in some activities than their right-handed counterparts. How true is this idea?

Do criminal psychopaths enjoy other people's fear or just not notice it?

Psychopaths can commit horrible crimes without feeling any guilt at all. A recent study of psychopathic brains may shed some light on what's going on -- or not going on -- in these people's heads.

How does the brain create an uninterrupted view of the world?

To achieve stability despite quick eye movements, the eyes take before and after shots of an image and compare them. Now, scientists may have finally discovered how.

Is a lack of sleep making me fat?

With an ever-increasing number of studies finding a direct connection between sleep deprivation and weight gain, it's difficult to deny the cause-and-effect relationship.

How Stress Works

Stress is just around every corner for most of us these days. Reducing it requires you to learn the various types of stress, their different causes and how to deal with them.

How Brainwashing Works

In psychology, the study of brainwashing, often referred to as thought reform, falls into the sphere of "social influence." Is brainwashing a system that produces similar results across cultures and personality types?

How Comas Work

Learn the physiological processes that trigger a coma, how an actual coma differs from television depictions and how often people awaken after months or even years of being in a coma.

How Fear Works

What exactly is fear? In this article, we'll examine the psychological and physical properties of fear, find out what causes a fear response and look at some ways you can defeat it.

What is self-esteem?

Are looking for ways of raising your self-esteem? Check out what we have uncovered for elevating your self-esteem in this article.

How Alcoholism Works

Alcoholism can be difficult to spot. Learn the difference between heavy drinking and alcoholism, how alcohol affects the body, what factors may lead to alcoholism and what treatments are available for this addiction.

How Dreams Work

Should we bother to interpret our dreams? Are these nighttime stories random brain impulses, or do they offer insight into our waking lives? Learn what's happening in your brain while you dream.

How Brain Death Works

Whether brain death is a result of cardiac arrest and lack of oxygen to the brain, or of a gunshot wound to the head, the diagnosis is the same. Learn what the term "brain dead" actually means.