10 Mythical American Monsters

Florida Skunk Ape
The Skunk Ape headquarters gift shop in Everglades National Park, Florida, is a low-tech affair. Geoff Gallice/Flckr

Often called the Southernmost Bigfoot, the Florida Skunk Ape is described as a large, hairy ape-man that gives off a horrendous smell and roams around the state of Florida. Numerous sightings have been reported over the years, with the beast showing up in the day and at night, and in all sorts of environments, although it appears to favor swampy areas [source: Florida Skunk Ape].

Much like Bigfoot, the evidence collected over time consists of photos, hair samples and a few foot casts. (The Skunk Ape apparently has four toes unlike Bigfoot, which has five.) A website devoted to the creature, The Florida Skunk Ape, says it receives several reports of sightings each week. Swamp creatures have long been part of human folklore, so it's probably not surprising that a state with vast tracts of swampland birthed such a myth.