10 Mythical American Monsters

Donkey Lady
An eccentric old lady who took care of donkeys in San Antonio, Texas might have been the source of the Donkey Lady myth. Scott Olson/Getty Images

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, the Donkey Lady might get you. According to the legend, back in the 1950s there was a terrible house fire in San Antonio. Two children died, and their mother was horribly burned. All of fingers and toes were gone, leaving hoof-like stumps on her hands and feet. Her face was a charred, unrecognizable mass of flesh. Driven insane by her tragedy, she began to roam the county and terrorize anyone who drew too near. Another version of the tale says she lives under an old stone bridge crossing Elm Creek in south San Antonio. The bridge became dubbed the Donkey Lady Bridge; honk three times if you want her to come out [source: Weird US].

Some believe that the legend got conflated with a real-life eccentric old lady named Doc Anderson who was known as the Donkey Lady because she lived in shack by a road and took care of donkeys. During the 1970s, people would report seeing a strangely dressed woman popping out of the woods, leading some donkeys to water [source: McCullough].