10 Innovations in Hydropower

Making a Splash
You could create a hydropower plant in your house with a faucet and a few other parts. iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Imagine turning your home into a mini hydropower plant. That's exactly what Fulton Innovation has in mind. The Michigan-based company has created Lilliputian hydroelectric technologies that can power electric radios, speakers, clocks and TVs, using the water coming out of a bathroom faucet.

At the heart of the Fulton's Splashpower technology is a device called a Miniature Hydroelectric Generator. Such generators produce electricity by using the water flow in a house or building. Every time you run the water with a Splashpower mini-generator, you can power sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, a water softener and even outdoor camp lighting The mini-hydroelectric devices can also be used to charge batteries [source: Splashpower].

Author's Note: 10 Innovations in Hydropower

Have you ever wondered why most people live near bodies of water? Water made it easy to get to one place to another. Sources of water were used for farming. In addition, hydropower was the energy of choice for centuries. The history of hydropower is, in essence, the history of humankind. The ancient Greeks used their muscle to grind flour by hand. They then invented one of the first water wheels that made the job so much easier. They and others applied that technology to textile-making, woodworking and other uses. Over the centuries, we have devised new and better ways to harness the power of rushing water, such as those in this article.

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