10 Innovations in Hydropower

Pipe Power
Turbines are everywhere you turn in hydropower. In the ocean. In the river. In pipes. This one, one the world's largest underwater turbines, is pictured on Oct. 19, 2011, in Brehec Bay in Plouezec, western France. Fred Tannea/AFP/Getty Images

Sewer lines, freshwater lines, wastewater pipes and conduits -- almost every town has some sort of water pipe snaking through it. What if there were a way to harness the power of rushing water passing through municipal pipes? A new invention has done just that.

An Israeli company called Leviathan has created a water turbine that can be enclosed in a pipe. When water rushes pass the turbine, it generates electricity. The device, called the Benkatina Turbine, works off the water flowing through enclosed water pipes, sewer pipes, canals and pipes that remove wastewater from factories [source: Leviathan Energy].