Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable technologies work to reduce waste while maintaining efficiency. Learn about new ways to reduce your environmental impact in this section.

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How Solar Air Conditioners Work

Solar air conditioners take advantage of the sun at its brightest and use its energy to cool you during the hottest part of the day. What are we waiting for?

How Zero-energy Homes Work

What if your net power usage was zero? Some homes combine energy efficiency with their own power plants to end up consuming no energy at all.

How Coffee Printers Will Work

Imagine finishing off a nice cup of morning coffee and then, instead of throwing the grounds into the trash, pouring them into a cartridge where they become printer ink.

5 Myths About Green Technology

Green technology is always better, right? Not so fast. Find out five of the biggest misconceptions about green technology.

How CFL Bulbs Work

As the symbol of innovation, the incandescent light bulb is not very innovative. Luckily, there's a new type of light bulb -- a greener one -- that stands poised to replace Edison's most famous invention as the icon of ideation.

How Home Refueling Appliances Work

If you drive a compressed natural gas vehicle, you'll soon learn that fill-up stations are few and far between. Is there an alternative way to gas up these alternative-fuel vehicles?

How Febot Works

Is the remote control dead again? Or does the flashlight need another eight new batteries? The wind might just be able to save you a trip to buy new AAs.

How Spray-on Solar Panels Work

If you've ever used a solar-powered calculator, you've experienced the power of thin-film solar cells. But can spray-on solar panels take that technology one step further?

How Solar Water Heaters Work

When you get that gas or electric bill at the end of the month, you may swear off long, hot showers. But if your resolution always seems to cool after a few days, you might be a good candidate for a solar water heater.

Top 5 Ways to Cut Printer Waste

Just look at any office printer for a pile of mistakes -- accidentally printed e-mails, multiple copies, practically blank pages. What are some tips (and tricks) for cutting back on your paper, ink and spending?

Top 5 Ways to Save the Planet with Bicycles

Bicycling has the potential to improve our environment, health and happiness in a big way. These five points will make you want to pump up your tires and get your bike rolling again.

How Solar Aircraft Work

Solar energy is abundant and infinitely renewable. Therefore, it's not surprising to see the proliferation of devices that rely on the sun -- especially solar aircraft.

Top 5 Energy-efficient Computer Monitors

While the typical home computer setup is a moderate power drain, the computer monitor accounts for nearly all of the system's energy consumption. What are five monitors that won't eat up so many watts?

Top 5 Green Mobile Phones

In response to heavy criticism, the mobile phone industry has started going green. What are five of the greenest mobile phones out there?

Top 5 Cities for Building a Solar House

If you live in the right spot -- somewhere that's sunny most of the year with low humidity -- you can save a lot through solar power. So which five cities are the best?

Top 5 Ways NASA Helps the Environment

So a space shuttle launch may not be the most environmentally friendly thing in the world, but there's more to NASA than space travel. What are five of the most important ways NASA helps the environment?

Top 5 Green Robots

There's nothing particularly organic about a robot, even if you dress it in hemp and fuel it with alternative energy. But these five can help our planet one mechanical movement at a time.

How Mobile Energy Management Systems Work

As part of managing your energy use, it's important to know how much electricity you're actually using, and your monthly electric bill may not tell the full story.

How Waterless Toilets Work

The world flushes up to 20 percent of its drinking water down various drains. That's a lot of water going to waste. Waterless toilets could squelch the squandering.

How Portable Centrifugal Oil Cleaning Systems Work

Left unchecked, friction between the moving parts of an engine would turn it into an inert piece of sculpture. Clean, filtered oil keeps the parts moving with relatively little resistance.

How the Goblin Aero Works

What if a single gallon of gas could cover your weekly commute? The Goblin Aero might take a little leg-power, but it'll get you where you need to go in relative comfort and safety.

How the Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid Works

Ever wish the lawn would just mow itself? Well, the Husqvarna Automower is about as close as you'll get to that dream -- with the added bonus of using the sun for power.

How Tweet-a-Watt Works

A little friendly competition never hurts to stir up motivation, right? That's the idea behind Tweet-A-Watt, a power-monitoring gadget that connects your power usage to your Twitter account.

How Motion-powered Electronics Work

From toothbrushes to iPhones, we fill our lives with a seemingly unending string of gizmos -- all of which depend on electricity to give us what we need to make it through the day. What if you could generate that power?

How the Duke Smart Home Works

The Duke Smart Home isn't your typical residence hall. It's a live-in laboratory, complete with LEED Platinum certification. What's inside (and out) that makes it so special?