How Bread Works

By: Marshall Brain


­You probably eat bread every day. You may even know how to make your own bread. But have you ever thought about bread as a technology?


­Why do we have bread? That's a great place to start. We could jus­t as easily munch on dry wheat­ kernels instead. Or we could grind the wheat into flou­r, mix the flour with water and eat it as­ a wet mush. Or we could pour the mush out on a table and dry the mush into thin brittle sheets. But we don't do that, mainly because bread tastes a lot better, and it also works a lot better for sandwiches. Bread is moist (not wet like mush or dry like dried mush), soft (unlike wheat kernels), spongy and delicious. Bread is a bio-chemical technology for turning wheat flour into something tasty!

In this article, we will examine the technology of bread in detail.­ ­ 

­­­­ ­