10 Science Experiments to Do in the Snow

Snow day! Jochen Sand/Photodisc/Thinkstock

A snow day is the best. Everyone misses school, and you get to sleep in and spend the day in glorious, chilly nature. But as the snow continues, the snowman starts drooping, everyone gets sick of being cold and suddenly the house seems extremely small. (Note that this condition can set in by noon the first day.)

So whenever snow imprisonment starts getting to you, we have a few activities that can save parents and kids alike from the burden of Needing Stuff to Do. These simple science experiments can be done in the snow --and sometimes just the cold -- by kids of all ages. A parent might need to be in charge of a few of them, and we've pointed out which ones.

So put on your snow hat -- and your gloves, and your parka, and your boots, and your full-body snowsuit -- and let's venture out to begin our frosty experiments.