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How the NASA Space Food Research Lab Works

NASA Space Food Research Lab: Cheat Sheet

Stuff You Need to Know:

  • The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) opened in 1973 in Houston, Texas. Inside Building 17 on the JSC campus, you'll find the Space Food Systems Laboratory, containing a test kitchen, a food processing lab, a food packaging lab and an analytical lab.
  • The Space Food Systems Laboratory employs food scientists, registered dietitians, packaging engineers, food systems engineers and technicians.
  • At the facility, researchers conduct physical and sensory analyses of foods, plan menus and manage food product development, test food processing techniques, research long-term storage techniques and develop ways in which to design, fabricate and test custom packaging and materials.
  • There are eight types of food processing techniques used at the lab: rehydrated, thermostabilized, irradiated, intermediate moisture, natural form, fresh, refrigerated and frozen.

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