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How Do Astronauts Shower in Space?

Showering every day is likely something you take for granted. But for astronauts on the International Space Station, it's not an easy task.

Mark Kelly Isn't the Only Senator Who's Been to Space

There are four others with this unusual honor. While not every other went from space to the Senate like Mark Kelly, their stories are equally as interesting.

Why We Need Artificial Gravity for Long Space Missions

NASA and other agencies have been studying artificial gravity in hopes they will someday use it to help astronauts combat the effects of weightlessness in space. How close are we to that reality?

What Really Happened to Yuri Gagarin, the First Man in Space?

He stood just 5 feet, 2 inches. But Gagarin cast an enormously long shadow in space exploration, both for his achievements and his mysterious death.

Top 10 Moments in Space Bathroom History

When you think about space travel, you probably don't take the time to wonder how astronauts go to the bathroom. However, the annals of aeronautic history abound with space bathroom tales. Here are 10 of our favorites.

NASA and SpaceX Set to Make History With Manned Space Launch

For the first time since 2011, NASA will launch astronauts into space from U.S. soil. It will also be the first time ever a private company will get them there.

NASA's Astronaut Beach House Is a Little-known Gem of Space History

NASA's historic Beach House on Cape Canaveral is the last place many astronauts visit before they blast off into space. Today it's full of mission memories and NASA artifacts.

NASA's Chief Sniffer's Job Is to Keep 'Stinky' Situations Out of Space

Nobody's nose knows better than NASA's George Aldrich. He's the longest-serving member of the space agency's odor panel, which basically sniffs and smells everything that goes up into space.

Felicette, the First Feline in Space, Finally Got Her Due

In the early days of the space race, several animals went into orbit, including dogs, chimps and one intrepid cat. Who was this forgotten feline from the French space program?

Apollo 11 One Giant Leap For Mankind

We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic journey to the moon.

NASA Sets Launch Times With Science and Precision

Launching a rocket into space takes all types of precision and physics. And knowing the exact time to get the launch right is a science in itself.

Do Astronauts Need Sunscreen in Space?

We know space is awash in ultraviolet radiation. So how are astronauts protected from all those UV rays?

One Family Has Sent Flowers to NASA for More Than 30 Years

The Shelton family from Texas sent their first bouquet in 1998 after the Challenger disaster. And they haven't stopped since.

Space Community Vows to Bounce Back After Soyuz Mishap

With the Russian Soyuz spacecraft officially out of commission, what does that mean for space exploration? And more importantly, the crew on the International Space Station?

How NASA Works

When most people think of NASA, they probably think of astronauts and the Kennedy Space Center. But there's a whole lot more to this 60-year-old organization.

SpaceX Books Its First Private Passenger to the Moon

A Japanese billionaire art collector is the lucky ticket holder and he plans to invite a few artists to tag along — for free.

10 Surprising Facts About Astronaut Training

NASA astronauts have to undergo serious training before becoming approved for a trip to space. But some of that training is certainly not what you'd expect.

Point Nemo: Where Spacecraft Go to Die

There's a lot of junk orbiting in outer space. But what happens to those abandoned rockets and mission-related garbage when it goes to its final resting place?

Why Fruit Flies Were the First Animals in Space

The little flies have way more in common with us than you think. And it made them the perfect test animal to send to space.

SpaceX Resupply Mission Will Help ISS Crew Study a Whole Lot of Science

The SpaceX mission to the International Space Station, scheduled for liftoff on April 2, will enable research on everything from thunderstorms to wound healing.

Falcon Heavy Launch Major Success for SpaceX

The countdown begins to send Elon Musk's most powerful rocket beyond Earth's atmosphere. Whether it will be a success is anybody's guess.

Scientists Working on Converting Human Waste Into Food for Astronauts

In space, poop is often a problem. Maybe it will be part of the solution, thanks to a study showing waste can become protein and fat.

How Apollo 11's Crew Reacted to Lunar Conspiracy Theories

That's one small step for man ... one giant lie to mankind?

Ridiculous History: 5 of NASA's Greatest Pranks

When you think of NASA, you probably think of an all-around professional organization. And you're right. But, those astronauts like to have a lot of fun, too.

Astronauts May Soon Be Breaking (and Baking) Bread in Space

The company behind this, Bake in Space, says "the smell of fresh bread evokes memories of general happiness." We agree.