5 Tips for Thunderstorm Safety


Know the Facts

There are a lot of myths about thunderstorms and lightning. It's important for you to understand the facts before you make a bad judgment call:

  • Rubber-soled shoes won't protect you from lightning.
  • If someone has been struck by lightning, he will not carry a residual charge. So, it's safe to help without putting yourself at risk.
  • A lightning ground strike can travel through a telephone land-line and injure someone indoors. It happens every year somewhere in the U.S. Cell phones are safe, though.
  • What's true for phone lines is true for plumbing, so stay out of the tub or shower until the thunderstorm's passed by.
  • Sheds, porches and tents provide no protection from lightning. If you're standing on the porch watching nature's light show, go back indoors.
  • Rubber car tires will not protect you from lightning. The car's steel frame and top may, though. Just avoid touching any of the metal parts inside the vehicle.

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