What do wrecking yards, rock concerts and doorbells have in common?
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100 Greatest Discoveries: Physics
In this video clip, physicists study the primal forces of the universe-gravity, electromagnetics and the strong and weak nuclear force. Learn more about the wonderful world of physics in this video from Discovery.
Assignment Discovery: Atomic Mass Units
The atomic mass is always equal to the combined mass of protons and neutrons. Learn more about atomic mass on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Colored TV Tube
Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," explains how inside the picture tube of a television, electrons boil off hot metal and are propelled and aimed by electromagnets to create the moving picture.
Assignment Discovery: Electromagnetic Spectrum Radio
Using computer animation, Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery" imagines a super advanced radio that could tune into the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Assignment Discovery: Harmful Electromagnetic Waves
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn why as the frequency of electromagnetic radiation increases, it becomes more dangerous to humans and other living creatures.
Assignment Discovery: Magnetic Recording Basics
One of the first magnetic recording devices ever made was a telephone answering machine. All magnetic recording begins with an electromagnet called a record head. Learn more about magnetic recording on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Microwave Transmitters in NASCAR
In order to feel like you are in the driver's seat, NASCAR technicians hook up their miniature cameras that use microwave signals to transmit pictures. Learn more on the Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Speed of Light
Electricity and magnetism are related because they both result from the movement of electrons. Learn more about electromagnetic waves and the speed of light on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Use of Electromagnetic Waves
Learn about the common uses of electromagnetic waves on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
GLAST: Gamma Rays Explained
Ever wonder why the Incredible Hulk was so big and strong? Two words - gamma rays. Watch this NASA video to learn more about gamma rays. Gamma rays are the highest energy form of light, and are one type of light along the electromagnetic spectrum.
GLAST: Intergalactic Detective
Watch this NASA video to learn more about the GLAST telescope and its mission to scan the universe for gamma rays and extrasolar objects.
MythBusters Clips: Electromagnetic Watch
In this clip from Discovery Channel's "MythBusters," Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test out a James Bond movie myth: Can an electromagnetic watch deflect bullets?
Through the Wormhole: The Balance of Forces
The universe as we know it is possible due to an extremely precise balance of forces. A formula so exact, that one small change would disallow any form of life. Did a divine hand make certain the balance was just right?
Through the Wormhole: The God Experience
One neuroscientist believes our experiences with the divine can be induced by sending electromagnetic signals into the brain. Does this mean the divine is actually biological?
What does the GLAST telescope look for in space?
Watch this NASA video to learn how the GLAST space telescope works. Objects in the universe emit all kinds of light energy. We can see some of this light with the naked eye, but most of it has been invisible...until now.
What is the SWIFT satellite looking for in space?
Watch this NASA video to learn more about the SWIFT and GLAST space telescopes. Working together, SWIFT and GLAST will enable NASA to look at super high energy fields to get a more accurate picture of what's going on in deep space.
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