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Oceanography is the study of the oceans as ecological systems. In this section, learn about topics like currents, deep-sea research or how rogue waves work.

How Wave Energy Works

Rough times call for creative measures. The world is filled with oceans, and oceans are filled with wave energy that could potentially be transformed into power. Is wave energy a viable fossil fuel alternative? See more »

How Hydrology Works

Without water, Earth would be a barren and lifeless planet. But did you know the Earth's water supply has not increased or decreased for billions of years? No wonder hydrologists are so fascinated by water. See more »

Ocean Conservation Pictures

Ocean conservation has been a popular topic in many environmental debates recently. This collection of pictures show just why ocean conservation is so important. See more »

Ocean Current Pictures

Ocean currents can have an incredible impact on Earth's weather. This gallery of images shows how powerful ocean currents can be in the environment. See more »

What are tide tables?

Whether you sail, surf, fish or collect shells, having one of these could help you out before you hit the water. See more »

How Ocean Currents Work

You might never notice the relentless movement of the oceans unless their waters went eerily still. What forces drive the oceans every second of the day? See more »

What if people wanted to use icebergs as a source of fresh water?

Seventy percent of the Earth's fresh water is in polar ice caps, the those caps calve icebergs all the time. So why can't we use those icebergs to provide fresh water that so many countries are in desperate need of? See more »

Why is the world's biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean?

What's as big as a continent and sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? A pile of garbage that extends 100 feet (30 meters) below the surface of the water. See more »

How Rogue Waves Work

Also known as "freak waves," these colossal walls of water have been alleged to be in the range of 100 feet or more. Learn what separates rogue waves from other large waves, what causes them and find out about some of the better-known rogue wave incidents. See more »

Should we be worried about the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico?

The dead zone, caused by massive amounts of algae growth, is a vast area off the Gulf of Mexico that is deadly to marine life. How is human activity making the dead zone worse? See more »