Flowering plants, shrubs and trees provide the environment with much needed oxygen and fight soil erosion. They also provide food and shelter for many animals, as well as contribute to the fertility of soil with their dead leaves and flowers.


Gromwell, or Poccoon, an annual or perennial herb of the north temperate zone. There are about 10 species in North America.

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  • Why does the stink plant stink?

    Why does the stink plant stink?

    The corpse flower looks like a giant phallus and smells like a rotting animal, the perfect addition to any garden. So how can gardeners get their gloved hands on one of these unique specimens? Or can they? See more »

  • Amaranth


    Amaranth, the name of a family, as well as a genus, of plants found throughout the world except in polar regions. See more »

  • Amaryllis


    Amaryllis, the name of a genus, as well as a family, of lilylike plants that are mostly native to tropical regions. See more »

  • Anise


    Anise, an annual herb of the parsley family. Anise is cultivated in Europe, Asia, and South America. See more »

  • Arnica


    Arnica, a genus of perennial herbs native to Asia, Europe, and North America. There are about 10 species. See more »

  • Aster


    Aster, a summer- or fall-blooming herbaceous plant. Most species are perennials and belong to the aster genus, which consists of more than 250 species. See more »

  • Azalea


    Azalea, a flowering shrub. There are about 25 species of azaleas, which are native to the north temperate zone, especially in North America and eastern Asia. See more »

  • Beardtongue


    Beardtongue, or Pentstemon, a large genus of perennial plants of the figwort family. See more »

  • Black-Eyed Susan

    Black-Eyed Susan

    Black-eyed Susan, the common name of two different plants. The North American black-eyed Susan, or yellow daisy, has golden-yellow petals with dark-colored central disks. See more »

  • Blazing Star

    Blazing Star

    Blazing Star, the common name of several North American wild plants. One species, also called button snakeroot and gay feather, belongs to the composite family and grows in North America as far west as Texas. See more »

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