Roller Coasters
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Build It Bigger: Coasters
Ride one of the sickest roller coasters, the Montu at Busch Gardens, with "Build It Bigger" host Danny Forster. Find out what makes this coaster so extreme.
Build It Bigger: Roller Coaster Seats
Danny visits the team at Great Coasters who designed an incredible coaster called The Renegade. See how the seats of each car are made in this video from "Build It Bigger."
How Roller Coasters Work
Roller coasters don't have engines, accelerators or brakes, So what makes roller coaster cars speed up, slow down and loop upside down? Get the inside track on the quintessential thrill ride.
Technology That Goes Bump In the Night
Some technology is designed to scare the daylights out of you, and some is just scary technology. Check out this special Halloween HowStuffWorks podcast to learn about some of the scariest technology around, from animatronics to androids.
Walt Disney World: A Bug's Life
It may look like a tree, but inside of this massive structure enters a world that only Disney could imagine. See what it's like to live in "A Bug's Life".
Walt Disney World: Asian Thrills
Disney's Animal Kingdom has more than African safaris. It brings you Asia as well, with an authentic experience to match.