Engines and construction equipment are all complex machines. How do some of these engines work, and how do they help us construct buildings and structures?

How Two-stroke Engines Work

A car engine uses a four-stroke cycle -- how can two strokes accomplish the same tasks? Learn all about the two-stroke engine, where it's used and how it compares to a four-stroke.

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  • How Diesel Locomotives Work

    How Diesel Locomotives Work

    Diesel locomotives are some of the coolest modes of transport out there. Giant machines like these are just full of technological treats. Explore a hybrid-diesel locomotive -- from engine to engineer controls. See more »

  • How does public transportation help the environment?

    How does public transportation help the environment?

    In January 2004, the citizens of Milan, Italy, were preparing for a strike that would shut down all public transportation. Since an estimated 28 percent of greater Milan’s 3 million populace relied heavily on public transit, the strike meant gridlock for most of the city. See more »

  • How Elevators Work

    How Elevators Work

    In action movies, elevators regularly plummet to the basement, landing in a spectacular ball of fire. Is this possible? There are some sophisticated engineering techniques at work behind every elevator ride you take. See more »

  • How Escalators Work

    How Escalators Work

    You probably ride escalators all the time, but do you know how they move, and flatten, and keep the handrail in synch with the steps? Find out exactly what is going on inside an escalator. See more »

  • How Fire Engines Work

    How Fire Engines Work

    We see them all the time, but do you ever think about everything these machines do? A fire engine is a combination personnel carrier, tool box and water tanker. Learn all about this amazing 3-in-1 machine. See more »

  • How Forklifts Work

    How Forklifts Work

    Forklifts are a necessary tool in most warehouses, shipping depots and manufacturing facilities. In fact, without forklifts, we wouldn't be able to move manufactured goods nearly as efficiently as we do today. See more »

  • How Gear Ratios Work

    How Gear Ratios Work

    You see gears in just about anything that has spinning parts -- car engines, transmissions, VCRs... Learn what these gears are doing and get to the bottom of the "gear ratio" concept! See more »

  • How Gears Work

    How Gears Work

    Gears are a fundamental part of just about any mechanical object -- if it has a motor, engine or spring, it probably has gears! But what do they do, exactly, and how do they do it? See more »

  • How Hydraulic Machines Work

    How Hydraulic Machines Work

    Ever gaze in wonder at the huge cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, loaders, shovels and fork lifts on a construction site? Find out all about hydraulic machines, from backyard log splitters to big construction equipment. See more »

  • How Jet Packs Work

    How Jet Packs Work

    We may fantasize about soaring through the sky, but humans aren't aerodynamic creatures. Could human flight be possible with personal jet packs? See more »

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