10 Offbeat Things Humans Have Launched Into Space

Communion Wine

When humans first landed on the moon in July 1969, there was another "first" that took place, too. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin poured a vial of communion wine, set out communion bread, then asked the mission's ground crew for a few moments of radio silence as he ingested the communion elements. While the lineup wasn't exactly a standard astronaut MRE, Aldrin later revealed the ritual was meant to commemorate the discovery of a new world just as Christopher Columbus and other explorers were believed to have done: by celebrating communion.

Although rumors circulated for years that Aldrin's act of communion was suppressed by the government, his plan to break bread on the moon was anything but secret. Not only did the ground crew know, but so did his Presbyterian congregation in Houston, Texas; in the decades that followed, Aldrin shared his story of communion on the moon in magazine articles and included it in his book, "Magnificent Desolation," which was released in 2009 [source: Mikkelson].