10 Offbeat Things Humans Have Launched Into Space

Dirt from Yankee Stadium

We imagine there's a lot of stuff floating around in space, like the odd malfunctioning satellite and the occasional space-dust bunny. But now we can add one more thing to the list: dirt from Yankee Stadium. Thanks to astronaut Garrett Reisman, who also happened to be a Yankee devotee, dirt from the famed New York City pitcher's mound was aboard space shuttle Endeavour's 2008 STS-123 mission.

From his post on the International Space Station, Reisman even managed to throw out the first pitch on April 16, 2008, to open the Yankees versus Red Sox game (via satellite broadcast, of course). It was a fitting legacy for a space explorer who insisted on taking baseball mementos bearing the signature of New York Yankees' owner (1973-2010) George Steinbrenner along for a shuttle ride. And a fitting legacy for America's pastime, too, especially if there is life on other planets. Just imagine: Major League Baseball could someday include interstellar playoffs [source: Hoch].

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