The Human Brain

What are dreams really made of? Are humans the smartest animal? What causes schizophrenia? Travel inside the mind and find out how the human brain works.

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Ambient Music Can Calm the Psychic Maelstrom. Here's How.

Robert Lamb explores the mental healing power of ambient music and provides you with ambient music recommendations to help you through this, or any, troubled time.

Neanderthals Had Bigger Brains Than Modern Humans — Why Are We Smarter?

There are a lot of ways mental real estate can be allocated. Neanderthals evolved their big brains in a different way than we did — and you see where that got them.

These 8 Pictures of Puppies Can Help You Focus, Melt Your Heart

Time with animals can improve our mental and physical health, but a study find that even simply looking at pictures of cute animals can help you concentrate.

Why Humans Scream, Make Crazy Faces When Terrified

Wouldn't keeping quiet help us get away from whatever's scaring us? What's the science behind the weird face and raw shout?

Placebos Reduce Pain Even When Patients Know They're Taking Them

They're called open-label placebos, and they may be able to help with conditions that the brain controls, like pain, hunger, fatigue or even depression.

Why Some People Faint When They See Blood

What's the science behind fainting at the sight of blood? This BrainStuff video takes a look at the brain's internal toggle switch making some people hit the floor.

'Aleppo Moments': What Causes Our Brains to Freeze Under Pressure?

It happens to politicians, beauty queens and regular folks. Brain farts, that is. But, why?

Trouble Remembering? Tell Your Friends to Take a Hike

The more minds the better? Not necessarily, especially when it comes to dredging up memories.

Why Talking Politics With Your Drunk Uncle Is a Great Idea

A study looks at the benefits of nonconformity and of standing up for your own beliefs in the face of group opposition.

Scientists Able to Change the Way People Feel About Faces

It's part creepy and part awesome: In a recent experiment, scientists changed how subjects felt about other people's faces without the subjects being aware of it.

You Can Read Scrambled Words — Under Certain Conditions

Yuo cna raed thsi rgiht? Probably, but that doesn't mean a popular internet meme on the topic is totally accurate.

If We Could Bioenhance People to Be Nicer, Should We?

In the future, we may have the technology to make people more moral. Which could be great— or terrible.

People Who Photograph Their Experiences Enjoy Them More

This was not what researchers were expecting.

Science Determines How Long Until Eye Contact Turns Awkward

You've probably locked eyes with someone across a crowded room and then looked away. Any guesses as to how long it took before you have to avert your gaze?

Watch: Amazing Video of This Year's Top Three Optical Illusions

The results of the 2016 Best Illusion of the Year contest are in. What's the scoop behind these illusions?

'Brain training' Boost Might Just Be 'Placebo Effect', Study Finds

Researchers find that brain-training games didn't improve IQ — unless the person knew they were doing brain training in advance.

How Exploding Head Syndrome Works

You're deep in dreamland when you hear an explosion so loud you wake up. But there's nothing outside or inside your house making the noise. What just happened?

From Motive to Method, Women and Men Murder Very Differently

While 90 percent of murderers are men, female murderers differ from men in motive, method, circumstance and victim, according to a new Swedish study.

No, a Second Bump on the Head Won't Cure Amnesia

But lots of people think it will. A new article sheds light on where our beliefs about amnesia came from.

Memory Hack: Do Some Aerobics Four Hours After Class

Want a better memory without those pesky neural implants or experimental pills? New research suggests you may want to grab your running shoes.

Think of Your First Memory — Why Can't You Remember Even Earlier?

A number of theories explain the phenomenon known as infantile amnesia. But there's more to it than that...

Drawing May Be Your Brain's Best Way to Secure a Memory

Drawing your grocery list might strengthen your ability to remember what you need to buy when you forget the list at home. Like you always do.

Shock Your Bad Habits Away

The Pavlok wearable follows the same sort of idea as snapping a rubber band on your wrist to stop you from engaging in some unwanted behavior. Only it'll cost you $199.

Take a Dose of Dickinson: Poetry as Therapy

Poetry can actually help you heal from traumatic situations. A poetry therapist explains how.