How Air Taxis Will Work

Advantages of SATS

Some of the most obvious advantages of SATS include:

  • Less congestion in major airports
  • Less congestion on highways
  • Greater flexibility in travel schedules
  • More points of departure and arrival
  • Lower operating costs for smaller airlines

There are several other advantages to SATS as well. SATS could provide an economic boom by increasing the number of people visiting recreation and tourism destinations that are not near major airports. Additionally, areas that might otherwise have been deemed unsuitable for economic and business development could have more potential if they were near a local airport.

SATS could also help with the housing crunch that exists near major cities. Employees could live in a wider circumference around their offices and commute by light aircraft. In addition, companies would not have to be located strictly in large population centers. If their employees had easy access to a local airport, the company could have branches in a much larger variety of locations. Flexibility in housing and business location could significantly reduce the traffic congestion found near all major cities in the United States.