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Awards and Organizations

Some of the major awards and organizations in the field of physics are explained in this section. Here you will learn about the some of the major awards scientists can earn.

How Freemasons Work

The Freemasons is a secret organization that began in the 1700s and is still in existence today. Who are the Freemasons? And what do they do in their secret meetings?

How do you win a Nobel Prize?

How do you win a Nobel Prize? Read about what it takes to win a Nobel Prize at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How do the Ig Nobel Prizes work?

The Ig Nobel Prizes award far more ignoble accomplishments than the famed Nobel Prizes. Learn how the Ig Nobel Prizes reward funny, legitimate science. See more »

How Freemasons Work

There are several theories where Freemasons came from, from King Solomon to the Knights Templar. Learn here how they actually began. See more »

How does the Nobel Prize work?

When someone wins the "Nobel Peace Prize" or the "Nobel Prize in Physics", what are they winning and why? Why is it such a big deal to win the Nobel prize? See more »